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Do You Have What It Takes?

The sight of this beautiful flower in my garden this morning made my heart happy. Not only did it make my heart happy, it also set my mind on an interesting path of reflection. You see, yesterday this flower was not here, and overnight it appeared in full bloom.

For a long time I told myself, and believed the lie, that I did not have a green thumb. While both sides of my family have a history of farming and I come from a line of gardeners, I didn’t realize I could do it. Well in 2020, I was able to grow a full vegetable garden that produced enough to feed my household, share with my siblings, and offer neighbors throughout the summer (and well into the fall). So what was different this time? The difference is that I actually had time to tend to the garden. Life for me, along with the rest of the world, had slowed down as we all navigated through COVID-19.

As I reflected on this thought, I realized the process of growing a garden is similar to the journey of becoming an entrepreneur. Gardening takes hard work, dedication, commitment and a whole lot of patience.

Our success does not happen overnight. It is a direct result of our hard work, dedication, commitment to our dream, and the patience to keep going every day. So hang in there my friends! Keep putting in the hard work and your dreams will bloom like the flower in the morning.


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