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You Are Not Where You Are Called 2 Be

Updated: Aug 26, 2021

As I called out to my daughter today, she came to the top of the stairs and stopped. And I found myself saying to her, "I need you to come all the way". Sometimes on our journey to finding our purpose, we stop before getting to our destination. Perhaps we are unsure, afraid, or we've simply hit a roadblock. But I encourage you to continue on your journey, pushing through the inevitable fear and anxiety that will threaten to derail you.

Change is the one constant thing in our lives. But going through a big change whether it is going back to school, changing course in our career, or going through a personal life change, it always comes with a certain amount of fear and trepidation. You have to push through, dig deep and work hard in order to reap the reward on the other side. I believe that each of us were intentionally designed and we each have a purpose to fulfill on this earth. And sometimes, finding our purpose requires us to walk alone for a little while.

It was in the stillness of being alone that I started my journey from Corporate America, with a mental shift. I was in the vicinity but not exactly where I was called to be. Today, I want to remind you to go the distance and step forward in Faith!

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